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Garden Flowers: Almost Spring…Really!

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A lovely shade of blue

Surely, surely, it must start to feel like spring now that we have passed the vernal equinox on 21 March (I know the exact beginning of spring can be a contentious issue, so I won’t even go there). I admit that I am struggling to feel seasonally appropriate. Whether this is due to a lingering cold and cough or the annoyingly persistent gloomy grey skies that have out numbered the blues ones lately, I am unable to be sure. Suffice to say that although I have felt twinges of spring, I can’t say I that am whole heartedly into the new season yet. The result of this is that I have been struggling to find the motivation to go grubbing around in the garden. I have had a few cautious forays to inspect the signs of spring growth in the flowerbeds, but that’s about as far as my gardening activity has gone.

Having said all of that, we have both been trying to keep up with any tidying jobs that need doing over the autumn and winter. I did promise myself that I would stop being a fare-season gardener and ensure that everything didn’t go to rack and ruin over the winter. I am not sure that I have entirely succeeded in my aim, but I have been outside on the brighter days, if only to rake up leaves and poke around in the compost bin. I can comfort myself with the knowledge that we did put the garden reasonably well to bed in the autumn, so we are not faced with too much debris from last year, as we have been in the past. Usually, I really have to fight against running out of steam come September and simply letting everything slide into decay and disorder. That creates a daunting start to the new season. In addition, my ideal would be start sowing seeds very early, to get a good start on the growing season. Well, maybe next year for that…

tulip buds

Still green…

In previous Curiously, Creatively posts, I have written about our seed stock and our plans for the growing season, but implementing these ideas has been slow so far. There are foxglove plants waiting in the shelter of the potting shed, ready to go outside, so that really should be a first task. I hope that the Easter break proves to be mild enough to inspire me to get a few jobs done outside. On present showing, that is not looking very likely. Maybe I will just have to gird my loins and brave some inclement weather. However, I think that I will need to harden off the foxgloves before risking planting them outside. The shed isn’t heated, but even so, I don’t want to risk too abrupt a change in temperature for the small plants. I am quite excited about the prospect of having foxgloves as it’s taken me years to get around to growing some.

Foxglove Seedlings

Ready to plant out soon

Elsewhere in the garden, the tulips are coming up, though they are not yet blooming and the primroses look pretty. The long green leaves of bluebells are in evidence and the anemones are a delicately encouraging sign of things to come. The ever busy forget-me-nots are popping up in places where I am fairly sure they weren’t in evidence last year. Once you have them, they do tend to take over any available space. I did put up some spring photographs last year, so I have only added a couple more here rather than repeat too much. As usual our daffodils seem to be slower than everyone else’s, so I persist in thinking that spring isn’t truly here until my jolly yellow blooms are showing.

How does your garden grow? Do let us know.


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