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Matisse-Inspired Greetings Cards

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Card Line-up

Card Line-up

Greeting card-making is something that I do in fits and starts. Every now and then, something will motivate me to put together a batch of cards, usually enough to last for a few months worth of birthdays and suchlike. Last time, it was the discovery of an old set of stencils which caused my enthusiasm. This time, re-discovery of my paper stash was partly responsible. When it comes to paper, I am a hoarder. I have a folder full of chocolate wrappers, origami paper, assorted card and cardboard, tissue paper, corrugated paper, and all of the snips and scraps left over from previous projects which I just can’t put in the bin.  Looking through this folder made me realise just how much I have kept, so, in a true using-things-up fit, I got out the scissors and the glue. Inspired by the Matisse: Drawing with Scissors exhibition in DLR Lexicon, I set out to snip and create a range of designs using scraps and odd shaped left-over materials.

Abstract Card Designs

Abstract Card Designs

In Matisse’s abstract cut-out paper works, an interesting feature is the way that he uses not only the cut-out shape, but also the rest of the paper, which would otherwise be discarded as scrap. I like looking at his work and trying to figure out which pieces would fit together. Therefore, when I was making my cards, I used as much of the paper as possible, including the oddly shaped trimmings which I would usually discard. Another feature of Matisse’s work which I love is his use of colour, this is also something which I tried to emulate by using a variety of colour combinations on the cards. I experimented with different colour combinations and paper textures before finalising a card design.

Close-up Designs

Close-up Designs

We bought a packet of blank cream square cards with matching envelopes recently, so I used those to save cutting and folding the cards myself. These useful ready-made blanks are sold at the Art and Hobby Shop for just a few euro. My finished cards are all bright, random looking collages. I made nine designs before my fit of enthusiasm ran out and I turned to another project. At least I am well equipped for any possible occasion requiring a greeting card in the next few months! I have made most of the cards blank and suitable for any purpose so they are quite versatile.

What have you been making lately? Drop us a line in the comment box below…


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