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Biscuit Cake with Leftover Gingerbread

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A few posts back on Curiously, Creatively Verity talked about her gingerbread reindeer kit from Christmas. But what do you do with the remains of said confectionary item when it goes slightly soft and looks to have passed its eat-by date? The answer to that question is that you turn it into a chocolaty slab of biscuit cake. Actually, I probably should mention here that various un-named persons had taken off and eaten all of the Smarties and royal icing, leaving an almost naked reindeer looking rather forlorn in the cake tin. It was time to do something about the reindeer remains. In sum, we wanted to turn the soggy gingerbread reindeer into another tasty nibble and the idea of creating a version of tiffin or a biscuit cake seemed to be the way to go.

For a biscuit cake recipe, I rooted through the recipe drawer, but in the end, I settled for one that I found in my Rosemary Wadey Cakes and Cake Decorating book. There are two quite similar recipes in the book and a version of the one below is the recipe that I used:

Chocolate Quickies

Biscuit Cake

In the tin ready to finish

100g/4 oz butter/margarine
2 TBS cocoa powder
1 TBS demerara sugar
2 TBS golden syrup
200g/8 oz crushed semisweet biscuits
100g/4 oz plain or milk chocolate, chopped (for topping)

Naturally, we tweaked the recipe a little; what else are recipes for, but to inspire you to fiddle around with alternatives? Of course, the biggest tweak was using the remains of a gingerbread reindeer instead of the semisweet biscuits. Having done that, we realised that we had less gingerbread than we thought so we made up the quantity with finely chopped walnuts. This worked well, although the proportion of biscuit to nuts wasn’t quite right. Ideally, maybe a quarter of the biscuits replaced with nuts would have been better. Chopped dried fruit could be a tasty addition to the biscuit base, or maybe a mix of contrasting biscuit flavours. Nevertheless, the result was still very more-ish I must say, and worth trying out again.

Chocolate Topping

Just covered in chocolate

The recipe method is a straightforward melting process, melting the butter, adding cocoa, sugar and sugar and bringing them to the boil. Simply stir in the crushed biscuits (or whatever combination you have) and press the mixture into a lined 7” square tin. Leave to cool and set firm before topping with the melted chocolate. It would be a nice idea to melt some white chocolate to pipe swirls or patterns to decorate to ring the changes. As you can see, we left our cake without adornment this time, with a simple layer of dark chocolate.

The quickies (or biscuit cakes!) passed their taste test, so why not let us know about anything you have tried out and tweaked recently? If you have a food blog, post up a link to your recipe for us to try out..

Finished Biscuit Cake

Ready to sample!


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