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Scandinavian Scarf Storage

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Inspired by a clever storage solution we saw in a certain popular Scandinavian furniture store, I have made a scarf hanger, which solves a particular storage problem that we have had for some time. A shortage of hooks and pegs in our house meant that our scarves didn’t have an ideal home. Now, we have the super-duper-deluxe-six-ring-scarf-hanger (bit of a mouthful), and all our scarf-related problems are solved!

The hanger is formed of six rings which were made by twisting wire into circles around a food tin. I then padded each ring with strips of cotton fabric cut from old t-shirts. These strips were wrapped around the rings. Next, I wound wide satin ribbon in pink and black over the cotton layer. The ribbon ends were stitched down and I used short tabs of ribbon to fasten the rings together. The rings were attached to the hanger in the same way.

As for the hanger, it was a perfectly normal and ordinary (as magicians say) wire hanger, like the ones used by dry cleaners. I also padded the hanger with cotton and wrapped it with matching ribbon. Scarves can thus be hung on the hanger as well as through the rings, creating extra storage space.

This project would work with any number of rings, hung in any arrangement or shape. It could be used for storing belts, long necklaces, tinsel, fairy lights, leg warmers, tights, you name it! This makes a storage system that is both practical and decorative. It was a very quick project which I finished in a couple of days because there wasn’t much sewing involved at all.

 Any kind of wire could be used, even green garden wire, because it’s all covered over and padded. It might be possible to exchange the cotton padding for foam. All of the rings could be covered in different coloured ribbon (mine came from Tiger, see resource page) or narrow fabric strips. As far as I can see, the creative and storage possibilities are endless!





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