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Woven Upcycled Bath Mat

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Some time ago, I wrote about beginning to make a bath mat from old fabric strips, and now it’s finally finished! It is made up of six pieces of woven blocks. There is one piece made from half a pair of leggings, two made from a pair of tights, one using shoelaces and two made from a t-shirt. This gave a good mixture of colours and textures of materials. It is also a fine memoir of several items of clothing!

Bath mat

The finished bath mat

The part using the legging fabric was the most recent one I did. The leggings were striped, and so the material acted liked self-striping sock wool when I wove it. The tension changed quite a bit over this piece, so one end is wider than the other. I found it quite difficult to keep the tension uniform, as the material stretched while I was working.

Bath mat

The mat is sewn with white wool

When it came to assembling the bath mat, it was difficult to fit the pieces together because they are all different sizes. The finished shape is a bit unusual, like a rectangle with a few bits missing. I sewed them using the same white wool with which the fabric was woven. However, what to do with the wool ends presented a challenge. Sometimes these are left on as decorations, but because mine were all kinds of lengths, I decided to neaten the edges by hiding them. In the end (pardon the pun), I pulled the tufts under the weaving at the back, and then trimmed them.

Bath mat

Underside of the mat

I decided not to edge the mat in any way, but I suppose blanket stitch or even shop-bought trimming would be suitable. There are plenty of finishes that could be suitable and somewhere like Hickey’s is a good place to search.

I enjoyed this project and I’ve now got some proper use out of my wooden loom. In particular, I like the fact that I put to use fabric that might otherwise have been wasted, and this foray into upcycling has been a very interesting experience. However anything bigger, like a rug, would probably take quite a while to make, so weaving may be put on the back burner now that the bath mat is completed.

Have you been working on any craft projects lately? Drop us a line in the comment box below…

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