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Guilty as charged, for knitting Innocent hats!

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This year, we participated again in the Innocent Big Knit. This fundraiser, organised by Innocent Smoothies, calls for knitters everywhere to make little woolly hats for its smoothie bottles. For every ‘hatted’ bottle sold, 30c is donated to Age Action. Each years the event raises thousands of euro for Age Action’s Care and Repair programme which provides volunteers who perform DIY jobs that elderly people may not be able to do themselves.


Innocent Big Knit Hats

Anyway, our knitting needles have been out for a few weeks and we have just sent off our contribution. In 2014, we made 16 hats, this year our count has reached 22, all complete with pom-poms! We went for variations on the basic striped pattern, on the grounds that although the animal and fruit themed hats are more fun to knit, they take longer and use more wool. This is fine, but they raise no more money per hat than the simple ones.

However, we did have fun with choosing colour combinations for the stripes and experimenting with moss stitch and ribs. We also went for two-coloured pom-poms, many of which dwarfed the hats to which they were sewn! Our resident bear enjoyed modelling the hats and insisted on keeping a Santa Claus themed one for himself, in preparation for the festive season.

'HATS' display

Go mad for hats!

Have you been knitting little hats for the Big Knit? Or working on any other projects you’d like to share with us? Drop us a line in the comment box below…

Bear with hats

Laying in the winter hat store


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