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Sir Hiss, Chief Excluder of Draughts

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I wrote some time ago about the upcycled bath mat I was making from old clothes, inspired by the talk given by Lynn Haughton from the Upcycle Movement. Well, the bath mat still isn’t finished but another project inspired by the same talk has come to fruition. There was a discussion after the talk about various craft techniques and project ideas, during which a member of the audience described a draught excluder that her friend had made using repurposed leggings and tights. I shamelessly pinched the idea, and here is the result: my own upcycled draught excluder.

The snake draught excluder

The snake draught excluder

A lot of the draught excluders sold in shops are designed like animals, usually some kind of dog. I was reminded of the cardboard snakes that I made when I was about three, out of the cardboard toilet rolls, and I liked the idea of making my project a snake.

The body was made using half of an old pair of stripey leggings. The body was too short to reach across the door so I made a tail and head separately out of felt to give it some extra length. One side of both tail and head is turquoise, the other purple. I was trying to pick out one of the stripe colours from the body. I decorated these pieces with lines of beads, of which we have far too many. I think they mostly came from jewellery making kits. The red tongue is also felt and the eyes are buttons.

The head of Sir Hiss

The head of Sir Hiss

I stuffed it mostly with felt and fabric scraps, wool ends and a couple of pairs of old tights. I cut these into rings and then into little pieces. In the end, I had to use some bought stuffing to top it up, but that didn’t work as well because it’s not firm, so now there is a soft part of the snake while the rest is quite solid.

I sewed the beads onto the tail and head pieces. Next I stitched the two tail pieces together and stuffed them and I did the same for the head pieces. I almost forgot to put the tongue on at this point. I pushed the end of the body into the tail and used running stitch to attach it. Then I ran a gathering thread through the other end of the body and stuffed it into the head. Finally, I sewed the head on with running stitch as before.

The tail of Sir Hiss

The tail of Sir Hiss

I like the result very much and it’s also useful. The bath mat should be done soon. I have one, or perhaps two, more pieces to weave and then I can sew all the parts together. I’ll keep you posted about that upcycling project!


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  1. I love him! He is such fun.


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