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Eggs Flamenco

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When over at my parents’ house in the summer, I came across an old cookery book that I had forgotten all about. You might recall the Cakes and Cake Decorating book that I unearthed on a previous trip; you can see a pattern emerging here. I always manage to find something with nostalgia value when I hunt the book shelves.

This book is a cheese and egg cookery book that I used a lot about twenty years ago, mainly for supper-type dishes. One of my favourite recipes from the book is Eggs Flamenco, which I regularly used to make when my younger sisters came to my place for a meal. It had the dual advantages of being both quick and easy. Of course, you do have to like eggs as well.

Cheese and Eggs recipe book

Had a bit of wear and tear…

Eggs Flamenco

Delicious Egg Recipe

I didn’t actually bring the book back with me, being already rather loaded up, so I took pictures of the book and a couple of recipes to be going on with until another visit. I was thinking about adapting the Eggs Flamenco recipe to a vegetarian or pescatarian version. I am not sure whether I can still call it ‘Flamenco’ in that case, but there will still definitely be eggs in the dish.

The simplest way of adapting the recipe would be to exchange the bacon for the Quorn version of the rashers. I was also thinking of using a robust oily fish such as salmon or tuna to replace the meat. Either way, I am looking forward to trying out a new version of an old favourite.

I would love to hear about any old favourite recipes that you have tweaked into a fresh version. Do drop us a line!



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