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Wildflowers in Bray: Part II

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As I described in a previous wildflower post, we have had our own mini team-building walk around Bray Head (and back again!). The June weather was lovely and ideal both for walking and for adding to my photographic practice. As I have said before, I am not a particularly knowledgeable photographer but I do enjoy the challenge of trying to compose good shots. I still haven’t settled down to identifying unknown plants and flowers, but I will get around to it eventually. Just looking at the range of colours around us on a bright sunny day, was lovely, but it would be nice to put a name to a few more flowers. I wish that the local council had more information available along the route.

I have had some success however, while on a walk over Howth Head, I did discover an information board naming various plant and bird species. This named an attractive blue flower that we had previously seen in Bray, as a sheep’s bit. I can only assume that it acquired the name from having a reputation as a particularly tasty snack for sheep. Talking of tasty snacks, we still have a plan to tackle cooking something with nettles but that will have to wait until spring I think.

Here again, is a selection of my photographs in a gallery format. As before, my picture editing has been basic and I haven’t yet attempted altering colour or tone. The cropping tool on Microsoft Picture Manager is still my best friend in this activity.

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Ideally I would like to arrive at a good range of photographs that I could turn into greetings cards. But, that is a long term project that I have not really thought through seriously. I may experiment with printing some photographs on different textured paper and mounting them on white or cream card. Anyway, an idea to play with in the future.

As before, if anyone can identify any flowers in the pictures that I have helpfully labelled ‘June or Wild Flowers’, then please do let me know. My next bit of photography will be a round-up of our garden activities, to illustrate our latest green fingered update.



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