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Wildflowers in Bray: Amateur photography

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This is the first of a couple of posts in which I indulge my urges to attempt a little artistic wildflower photography. I took these pictures on a walk around Bray Head, Co Wicklow in May, while on a staff team building day. I am not sure whether my photographic attempts did anything to assist in said team building, or just slowed down a good walk, but I was quite pleased with the results. The weather had started very wet but then by the time we set off around the Head (after a fortifying cup of coffee) the skies brightened considerably. Ideal for a little amateur photography. The following month, the Curiously, Creatively team had their own team building day (all two of us!) on the same walk when the weather was much better, both for walking and for photography. I’ll put the pictures from that walk up in a future post.

Apart from trying to get some interesting pictures, I was aiming to record unfamiliar flowers so that I could identify them later. This has only been partially successful, as the pictures have been languishing unsorted and unedited since both walking trips. Some flowers, such as the foxglove, clover and daisy (see next post) need no introduction, but I remain stumped on several other wild blooms. Any helpful suggestions would be appreciated. I only spotted the bush vetch because we have it on an ENFO wildflower poster at home and it is impossible to miss the gorse bushes.

I have long enjoyed having a go at a bit of photography, but I have a point and press sort of camera and no great degree of technical know-how. I usually do some basic picture editing with Microsoft Office Picture Manager but I would like to teach myself to use Photoshop so that I can produce something a little fancier. We have both had a go at setting up shots to illustrate the blog posts, but I don’t think we will be winning any awards just yet!

Anyway, here’s a mini gallery of May flowers in Bray….please do drop me a line if you can help me out with identification.

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