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Lovely Lemon Ricotta Cake

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I did another bit of baking recently and tried out a new recipe for lemon ricotta cake. The recipe is out of a supplement from The Observer called Baking with kids. We’ve had it since 2007 but have never used any of the twenty four recipes it contains.Lemon Ricotta Cake

The cake ingredients are lemons, eggs, butter, castor sugar, ricotta, self raising flour and chocolate. I used the zest of one lemon instead of two but the cake was still very tangy. The recipe calls for a 20cm square tin, the one I used was about 24cm square. These recipes are obviously designed for children to mess around with. I got egg yolk in the whites, didn’t whisk the whites up very well, the mixture seemed to separate and I wasn’t sure about the consistency. Despite all this, I still got a soft, creamy yellow cake that looked remarkably like the one in the picture!

Lemon ricotta cake

Melted chocolate and sugar-paste flowers

One other alteration I made was with the chocolate, which is used for icing the top. According to the instructions, only 75g are necessary, but there wasn’t any point leaving 25g in the bag, was there? Come to think of it, 100g was probably better because my cake had a larger surface area than it should have done. The icing is very simple, you sprinkle chocolate drops over the cake while it is still hot and spread them about as they melt. You were supposed to use white and milk chocolate to create a marbled effect but I just stuck with milk chocolate. I added sugar paste flowers in two shades of Primrose that were left over from an earlier project. The cake was delicious with caramel ice-cream.

Lemon ricotta cake

Lemon ricotta cake

Let us know if you’ve tried any new recipes lately…


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  1. Looks really good! And such a cute recipe 🙂


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