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Painting the Kitchen Shelves: Round Two

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This is a much-delayed update on the refurbishing of the kitchen shelves, the delay mainly due to the delay in getting around to the painting. Secondary to the late painting job I’m afraid to say,  was the delay in writing about the work. I had plenty of good intentions, but what with one thing and another, you know how it is. And then there’s always having the right weather for painting (or so I tell myself)!

Two Tone Shelves

First stages…

Luckily, I managed to find a spell of dry weather a couple of months ago so that I could set the shelves up outside and set to painting. I know what I am like wielding a paintbrush loaded with brightly coloured paint, so  I am definitely better with plenty of space around. If you remember the previous shelf bulletin, I had sanded down and done an undercoat, in preparation for playing around with some colours. Clearly, I left the job half finished for much longer than I intended, but I suppose that at least I did get around to it eventually. If you recall, we had been on one of our trips to Homebase and selected some bright n’ cheerful match pots to try. I chose two lighter tones and a darker one, with Moroccan Red, Village Green and Zest. As I remarked before, we were probably suckers for the evocative sounding paint names. 


Yet more match pots…

My original intention was to paint each shelf in stripes of different colours, as each shelf comprises four slats. As you can see from the photograph this was quite a tricky operation and I wasn’t confident of achieving sufficient neatness in the end result. I think it may have been possible to achieve a straight line using masking tape, but I decided to take the easy way out and paint each shelf a different colour instead. I also painted a different colour on the two front and back supports and picked out edges in red. Please note – I did paint the underneath of the shelves too!

Painted Shelves

Getting there!

The question of colour division produced a spell of dithering on my part but I did make a decision before the paint began to dry. In retrospect, I wish that I had put the red on the middle shelf to balance the tones a little better. Having said that, I’m pleased with the way the colours go together and the brightening effect they have on the kitchen. I am now considering what to paint next, but don’t hold your breath on a decision any time soon. These things take time…

After doing a couple of coats of colour over two days of painting, I finished off the shelves with some clear varnish as I did with the bedside cabinet last year. My mistake however, was that this time I didn’t leave enough drying time between the two coats of varnish. Probably I was also too hasty in bringing the shelf unit back into service, as the upshot is that the shelves are already showing signs of damage from regular use. I am going to have to do a repair job and be a little more careful and patient in my working methods. A lesson learned I think. Maybe I should have tried a gloss paint instead.

If anyone has any recommendations for furniture paint, do please drop us a line. Until next time…

Finished Shelves

Almost finished…


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  1. They look good Chris, like the lemon and green together. I’ve recently experimented with milk paint on a pine IKEA sideboard which annoyed me as the doors didn’t weather to the same shade as the rest of the unit, probBly from a different tree. So having moved it into the summer house (nice shed) and then back again, did it with milk paint. Amazingly easy to apply but looked like some of the wood or varnish bled through after it had dried. So 3 coats later….I waxed it. Was t impressed with how the wax took but too time consuming to remove it Nd resort to eggshell.


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