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Watery Witticisms

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We’ve been collecting up photos of quirky signs that have appeared along the banks of our local river during the past few weeks. Some of them are twists on the yellow ‘H’ signs which mark water hydrants. There are also a couple of bizarre red warning notices. After wondering about them for a while, we tried to find out more about them. There is an organisation called Dodder Action formed of volunteers who look after the river. On the Dodder Action Twitter feed we found out who was putting the artwork up, however, we then forgot who it was. More searching revealed the artist’s Flickr page. The signs are part of the Dublin Duck/Swan project. We think the same person did the yellow signs, although only the red ones are shown on the Flickr page. If anyone knows otherwise, please drop us a line. My favourite is the red ‘Water May Contain Ducks’ notice, although the ‘Snatching-Bench’ is very funny too… Let us know what you think of this very unusual artwork!

Dodder Bridge Sign

Water May Contain Ducks

Dodder Sign

I lost my glove Here

Dodder Park Sign

Caution: Snatching-Bench

Dodder Sign

She ran off on me Here

Dodder Sign

I turn for home Here



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