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Tried and Tested: Raspberry and Chocolate Brownies

We recently made another batch of brownies, using the Waitrose raspberry brownies recipe, which we made last Christmas. The chocolate mix was a bit different this time as it was left over from another project. We had the problem of the mixture separating during the melting stage. We put it down to not having the right proportions of milk and dark chocolate. We also added blueberries to the mix, which worked out very well. I think it would be nice to try to add white chocolate for a marbled effect, but it might separate in the melting stage again. The brownies are stickier than usual, although they were slightly over-baked and the crust seems quite hard. Not that we are complaining about oozing chocolate! The recipe made thirty-two pieces, which I think is about average, of which half a dozen were sent off as a birthday present.

                                 Father’s Day cake

It’s a bit late to blog about it now, but we did make a Father’s Day cake which has only just been all eaten up. The recipe was a variation on English Apple Cake. We used rhubarb instead of apple. We also left out the ground almonds and lemon rind. The cake is made using the creaming method. The recipe makes an 8 inch cake although it isn’t very deep, but it was large enough for a good bit of icing. The original recipe calls simply for a glaze on the top but we opted for an under layer of marzipan and white sugar-paste icing over it.

Father's Day cake

Iced rhubarb cake

He Who Put The Shelves Up is fond of hill-walking so the cake was iced like a rocky mountain path. All of the decorations are sugar-paste, the moss in light Holly Green, the flowers in two shades of Primrose and the path in Chestnut. The stones were made using a very small amount of black which wasn’t fully worked in so it looks like streaky grey, the small white parts were meant to represent crystals in the stone. The path was marked and pitted using various tools to make it look more rugged. The flowers were cut using two tiny cutting gadgets. The moss is less high-tech, it was made using one of Chris’s tricks of pushing icing through a sieve and scraping it off the other side to create curled strands. The distance sign is just paper and a short wooden skewer. I tried to make a small dolmen at the edge of the cake as well with the rest of the grey icing.

What have you been baking recently? 

Iced cake

Sugar-paste icing

Iced cake

A sweet hill path

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