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We thought we would give you a little garden update in this post, so to do that I have typed up some notes from a recent garden diary entry. The diary entries can tend to be rather erratic but we are trying to be more consistent this year. It is useful to have some jottings on what worked and what did not; what we did when; and what varieties/brands of seeds we have planted. Well, that’s the theory anyway. I have to confess that this weekend I have discovered that what I thought were California poppies turn out to be Welsh poppies so I have changed that in my notes. (It is thanks to Fionnuala Fallon in the Irish Times Saturday magazine for the information!).

Bleeding Heart and Primulas

Cheerful Spring Colours

I have included here a couple of pictures that I took this spring, which I am hoping to print off and add to the diary. I keep leaving pages free for pictures, seed packets and magazine snippets but I never manage to stick them in. This creates a permanent To Be Stuck Pile (TBS Pile) which bears an amazing resemblance to the pile of recipes waiting to be put into my recipe folder. And to the pile of books waiting to be read…

Here is the garden diary entry for June 12th noting what our green fingers got up to recently:

This evening we put out the sweet William plants in between the hollyhocks and the chives/gladioli. I think we will have to divide the hollyhocks next year if possible; if so it would be a good idea to reposition them further to the back of the border.

Three courgette seedlings are coming up nicely and the parsley is settling down. On Monday, we fetched our dwarf raspberry cane from Mr Middleton’s garden shop. This of course required yet another trip to Homebase to buy a suitable pot. Actually the one we bought was on the large side at 21l, but probably better to be too large than too small. We also bought a pot for the Rowan tree – not sure if now is the best time to re-pot it as it is just setting fruit.

Verity also bought paint for her pallet project (in match pots) – watch this space! One lonely iris adorns the bulb/wildflower patch – goodness knows where all the rest of them went. However, we do have four honeybells (I think) and many Welsh poppies out (yellow and orange).


These are still going strong!

Also on Monday, we went elderflower foraging along the Dodder. We amassed about forty heads of varying sizes. All now stored away in the freezer in two plastic tubs. It’s amazing how useful Google can be – what did we ever do before it answered our every question? [I had been searching to see whether it was possible to freeze elderflowers] Well, I suppose we would have consulted a gardening books/wild flower book or an expert relative or friend. Sometimes I wish granddad were still around to talk gardens.

Need to put some work into pulling the bulb patch back into shape. We have both had a go at it recently but it needs another push. Some things wildly over growing others (such as the camomile being overwhelmed) and the weeds need attention. Strawberry plants have self-seeded there which is nice.

There’s where the entry finishes and I have to admit that the next entry wasn’t written until the 26th so we are not being quite as dedicated as I would like. Still, I suppose the main thing is to be keeping up with the gardening. It’s easier to catch up with a few notes than it is to catch up on the weeds!

More on the garden anon…meanwhile, do tell us how your garden grows!


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  1. Hiya
    This is sounding very productive! We have a flowery patio with self seeded sweet pea climbing the trellis nicely, aromatic salvias, , a barrel of nemesis, not certain of name as brain is aching today, various other pots along two sides and as of Sunday, new table finally found right shape and size. Our flower bed was dug out a month ago, wrong time I know, we dug down and stripped out a rampant bamboo which insists on returning. Replanted and they have all picked up again with some new companions. Greenhouse has some weedy looking toms as bought plants rather late, and a healthy courgette about to produce several edibles. Pond is producing hundreds of froglets and lots of green weed on surface!! Our small allotment has lots of spuds, kale, chard, lolly Rossi lettuce, green beans and hopefully mNge tout. Meanwhile horsetail is trying to take over the top or is it bottom, of the garden, Nother project to dig all the roots out before we put a little deck by summershed to overlook pond. So I’m. Happy Gardener this year 😆😆


    • Chris Mills

      You sound pretty busy too! I’m hoping some of the sweet peas we have sown this year will self seed for next year. I’ve recently scattered some scavenged poppy seeds, which are just popping up. With a bit of luck they will settle and reproduce. I’ve become very keen on self seeding!


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