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Painting my Pallets

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I’ve almost finished painting my two pallets and they should be ready to set up soon. I’ve chosen pots that fit in and planted them up with sweet peas, Italian Borlotti beans, dwarf beans and spinach. When the beans and sweet peas flower it should look very colourful.

Painted pallet

The small pallet in Wild Willow, Purple Pansy and Pure Duck Egg.

The pallets both needed scrubbing and sanding, the smaller one turned much lighter after that. I gave them a white undercoat first with some household paint, left over from doing a ceiling I think. I bought five match-pots, optimistically thinking that would be enough paint. I have two Home of Colour, Garden Colour paints, from Homebase and three Cuprinol, Garden Shades. The Home of Colour ones are in Wild Willow and Pure Duck Egg, the others are Purple Pansy, Barleywood and Sunny Lime. The Home of Colour paints have more in them and are better value but there is not a very large range of match-pots.

Painted pallet

The large pallet in Pure Duck Egg, Sunny Lime and Barleywood

I tried to do a couple of coats on most of the surfaces and to paint all the inside bits that won’t be visible but as some of the wood is splintered or gouged, there are a few white patches still. Everything went well until it came to painting the back of the larger pallet and I realised I didn’t have enough paint left. I painted a few stripes in the last of the Wild Willow and Sunny Lime. However, the rest is some leftover Dulux, My Space, Amazon Blue that I bought for painting a dolls’ house a few years ago. As you can see from the picture, the front of the larger pallet is still white. I have about half a pot of Dulux, Vinyl Matt, Summer Sun left over from the same dolls’ house project and I might finish that off on the front, although I’m not sure if there is enough. The Amazon Blue is indoor paint so I’ll have to varnish that part at least, although I might do the whole thing to make the pallets last a bit longer.

Painted pallet

Back of the larger pallet in Sunny Lime, Wild Willow and Amazon Blue

Are you doing any painting in the warm weather? Let us know what projects you have on the go!

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