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Pallets with potential

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Another project has commenced, after two lucky finds. I was very taken with the idea of having a pallet when I saw them used as furniture, in gardens and in window displays. Unfortunately, it has proved a bit tricky to bet hold of any. He Who Put The Shelves Up sourced the first one, in the local river. It was half a mini-pallet which had obviously been in the river for some time. Then, a week or so ago, we had another breakthrough when Chris found a whole mini-pallet at work. This one was brand new and homeless! We carried it home and installed it in the garden.


Pallets with potential

I had been so focused on getting my pallets that I hadn’t thought much about what to do when I got them. He Who Put The Shelves Up suggested fitting a tray of plants behind each bar (you’ll know what I mean when you look at the pictures) and setting them up in the garden. I think this will work nicely so that is now the Official Pallet Plan.

A pallet

My brand new mini-pallet

However, the wood needs treating first. The new pallet needs sanding, the older one is so worn away that I don’t think sanding would achieve anything. Then I will either paint or varnish both of them. I could paint them and then pick plants that match the colour scheme!

My pallet

Salvaged pallet

This could take quite a while, it’ll be a good up-cycling summer project. For now, I’m just glad to have got my hands on two pallets, for keeps!

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  1. I have access to heaps of pallets, but I’m not sure what to do with them yet!! I’m such a brown- thumb I’m not sure a planter is right….. Ill look forward to seeing yours!


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