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Cosy computer case

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In an earlier post, I mentioned that I would be making a laptop case over the holidays. Well, I finished it! I put up a picture of the material already, it’s a soft brown with fluffy white stuff inside. I sewed the whole thing by hand and didn’t use any proper pattern. It’s just a simple rectangle. The fluffy stuff came off easily so I had to oversew all the edges at least once before I folded it over. The two shorter edges were oversewn twice and then finished with oatmeal bias binding from Hickeys (I would call the colour cream, but it says oatmeal on their website). I then folded the sides up, allowing a generous flap and oversewed them together. I finished both of the long sides with bias binding. At this point I realised it would be impossible to sew it on without some of the stitching showing so I used brown thread and did decorative running stitch along the edge. 

Laptop case

The case, cotton and bias binding.

The case is fastened with a length of leather thong and one button. The button is off an old coat of Chris’. I doubled a length of brown thong and sewed it at the edge of the flap, above the button. It goes down and wraps completely around the case before looping over the button. Knowing my habit of picking up folders the wrong way, only to have all the sheets cascade out, it seemed wise to be safe with the fastening.

The inside of the case

The fluffy stuff makes a warm lining.

I’m really pleased with this project, I think it looks quite smart and it wasn’t one of those projects that drag on forever. I did have a few moments of, ‘Why don’t I just buy a case? It would be so much easier’. However, while it would have been easier, I doubt it would have been cheaper. It’s difficult to calculate an exact cost of the project because we had the button, thread and thong already, but it must have been less than €15, which isn’t much compared to some of the laptop bags on the market.

What projects did you get done over the holidays? Or are you also creating cosy homes for your technology? We’d love to hear from you!

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