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Chocolate Raspberry Brownie Yule Cake (part I of a Christmas de-brief)

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Yule Cake

Just begging to be eaten…

I don’t want to push the Christmas theme for too much longer, but this piece focuses on a recipe that is not really a seasonal one, but one that we adapted to suit our purposes. If you are all seasoned-out, then just skip down to the ingredients section and take it from there. This is a nice, gooey brownie recipe, which uses raspberries and flaked almonds. We decided to create a slightly different cake for New Year this year, instead of making a Yule Log as we usually do and so we looked through the recipe stash for ideas.

The brownie recipe that we use comes courtesy of a Waitrose supermarket leaflet that we picked up in Birmingham last summer. You can get recipes on the website also, though I haven’t checked them out yet. The brownie recipe is a good one (already one for the tried and tested category) despite the fact that we never actually used any Waitrose ingredients! I have to confess to making up the brownies at my parents’ house with products from A. N. Other supermarket so consider this piece my nod of thanks to Waitrose for the recipe. We were thinking of doing a blog post about supermarket recipes at some point, so if you have any favourites or perhaps any comments on the topic, do let us know.Brownies Leaflet

I have made the brownies again since the summer and I have tried freezing half of the batch, sliced and ready for use. They are ideal to just take out and warm up to serve with ice cream or cream for a quick dessert. Since the recipe tested so well, I thought it would make a nice change to use it as the basis for our New Year cake. The only real change we made to the recipe was to leave out the almonds, on the first occasion because we forgot to buy any and on the following times, because we decided we liked the brownies that way. I think it might be interesting to try blueberries instead of raspberries sometime, but anyway for now, on with the Yule idea.

Brownie Sheet

Just cooling in the paper.

After the brownie slab cooled, I just trimmed the edges and then cut it in half. I sandwiched the halves together with a chocolate cream based on the truffle mixture from a previous post (a versatile ganache filling). I covered all over the cake and left a rough finish as you would on a chocolate log. Think of it as a chocolate rough-hewn plank of wood. Or something. I had to adapt the chocolate covering a little because I didn’t allow for the fact that I put in light cream and not my usual whipping cream. This meant that the chocolate mixture was too thin to allow me to beat it up into a cream. I had to add some icing sugar and cocoa to the mix while beating it up to a fluffy consistency. I’ve scanned the recipe in below so just click on it to enlarge.

I had some scraps of paste that I had coloured for the jumper cake so it was just enough to make enough holly leaves and berries to decorate my unconventional Yule Log. The final touch was a shake of pearl decorations in a swirly pattern. It was a very more-ish cake indeed. I can see a good excuse for making an Easter Bonnet brownie cake too…

Brownies Recipe

If you have a tried and tested recipe that you adapt for different occasions, please let us in on your culinary secrets!

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