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Guest Blog Post: Macushla Craft

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As I mentioned on Twitter, Curiously, Creatively is hosting its very first guest blogger, Laura Wild from Macushla Craft. Laura makes fabulous designs using repurposed materials and in this piece she introduces us to her work. We were particularly interested in Laura’s craft, since reusing old or broken items and giving them a fresh lease of life is something that resonates with us.

Hair clip

Hi my name is Laura. I am a visual artist and all round crafty crafts person. I have a shop on Etsy called Macushla Craft. The name comes from one of my favourite Irish words ‘Macushla’. It is an old Irish word meaning beloved, my pulse, my heartbeat, my darling. It is used as a term of endearment for something or someone you truly love. The things I make are made with love and I hope this love translates into the finished product. I’m somewhat of a collector by nature. When I have to say goodbye to an old piece of clothing, I always try to salvage what I can from it, be it a lovely lace trim, buttons, beads, clasps etc. I also collect beautiful things, when I’m travelling, from thrift shops, foraging around in my garden… and I often incorporate these into my work.

I use feathers, butterfly wings, gemstones, wooden beads, silver, bronze, vintage lace, watch parts, ribbons, paper, wood and a lot of repurposed materials. Usually when I sit down to make a piece of work, my intuition guides me and I never know what is going to happen! I look at my materials and try to put together colours and textures that I find interesting. I like being able to breathe new life into something, be it a broken watch, or a piece of vintage jewellery. Remember that the classics never go out of style! Looking at the world of fashion as we know it, you always see echoes of the past and plenty of those echoes are not so subtle. Often I see some of these creations and I can’t help but think…I could do that!Feather Ear-rings

There are so many reasons why wearing vintage and repurposed materials is a good idea!

Here’s just a few reasons why:
1. It’s unique. When you wear a vintage item you are wearing a rare piece that very well might be the only one of its kind left anywhere.

2. It has history. I love the feeling that what I’m wearing has already lived life. Vintage helps to give your style character and a story. When you buy handmade/up cycled pieces, you are not just getting something that came straight from a factory overseas, to a truck, to a shop shelf. You are wearing something that has seen life.

3. Positive environmental impact.

If you’re looking for any ideas for how to start making jewellery yourself, my main piece of advice would be to start collecting! Often things don’t start to come together until you have a variety of materials in front of you. Needles, thread and plenty of imagination are also a must :). It really is that simple.Wooden Badge

If you enjoyed browsing through my shop and would like me to create a custom piece for you I would be delighted! In my latest work I have been making song lyrics/quotes badges with the wood burner I treated myself to recently. You can contact me through my Etsy shop or on my Facebook page (Macushla Craft).

I hope that reading about Laura’s recycled craft creations has given you some food for thought. Maybe now is the time to have a sort out of all those odds and ends that could perhaps be put to a new use. Or, if you want to get in touch with her about buying one of her pieces, just click on the links above.

We hope that this will be the first of many guest posts featuring crafters of all varieties. Please let us know if you have any suggestions!


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