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Christmas project plan

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Now the Christmas holidays are here, I can get cracking on a few projects I have lined up. The first is a laptop case. I bought brown suede fabric with a white furry lining from Hickeys. I want to make a simple case, just a rectangle I can fold up and sew. It will need a flap and probably a button or some sort of other fastening.

Suede fabric

Fabric for the laptop case

The next project is that embroidery, which I still haven’t finished! I need to buy some more skeins of embroidery thread, in peach, dark brown, light brown, light blue, red and pink. I also want to try to whiten the fabric a bit more, but at the same time I’m scared of damaging it. Any suggestions of a good fabric cleaner would be welcome.

The last project is another miniature one. I bought a small, plastic dolls’ house for 1 in a charity shop, with  view to doing it up. The house only has a roof and wall on one side, so I’m going to make the other side out of cardboard, covered with tiled paper. The house could do with some carpeting and I could make curtains for the windows. Handkerchief material is good for curtains because if its weight and the range of colours. The ground floor window opens and is a bit like a bay window. I want to make a hinged roof, but I’m not sure how to go about it. I could use some kind of tape or the small hinges sold in miniature shops. Any advice would be welcome!

Dolls' house

The front of the house

Dolls' house

The inside of the house









Do you have any projects going at the moment? Are you finding the Christmas season inspiring too?

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