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Winter knitting

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My latest project is a snood, practical now the weather is getting colder. Incidentally, isn’t ‘snood’ a lovely sounding word? I like it more than ‘cowl’ or ‘scarf’. Anyway, I found some really soft wool called Flutterby, which is very fluffy and warm. It is quite chunky and knitted up very fast. I used a mix of white, brown and blue for the main part and edged it in a lemon colour. I knitted the whole thing in garter stitch as the colour and texture of the wool made it look interesting, as well as making it hard to knit cables, or anything more complicated.


Woolly winter warmth

I made it long enough to twist twice around my neck, but unfortunately it seems to have stretched somewhat and is now a bit too long. Width-wise, it has worked out nicely from twenty stitches. The texture of the wool meant that the ends frayed easily, which made it tricky to weave them in.

The edging, as I said, is in lemon coloured Flutterby and is crocheted. This is the first time I’ve tried crochet and I was very pleased with the result, apart from a couple of lumpy parts.

All in all, it makes a very cosy snood for the winter. I think I will try making another one, maybe in a lighter wool with some cables. If you know a good pattern, please drop us a line in the comment box!

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  1. This looks really cosy and I love the lemon edging. I think for a first time trying crochet this looks great!


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