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More Innocent Activity: Hats Galore

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Verity has previously posted about her Innocent Big Knit activities on Curiously, Creatively and so as not to be outdone, I have been diligently plying my needles in the same good cause. It’s a long time since I have undertaken any knitting projects so I have enjoyed having a go at a fun, yet useful challenge.  I used to be quite a keen knitter, though I have never attempted any major creations; I’m more of a small scale devotee really. That makes the Innocent project an ideal one for me as you can have lots of fun creating the mini hats. It’s also nice to feel that you can help a charity at the same time. As we’ve said in the earlier Innocent post, the campaign operates in both Ireland and the UK so knitters on both sides of the Irish Sea can get involved. In Ireland, Age Action will benefit and over the water the benefiting charity is Age UK. Irish knitters have a target of 65,000 hats this year and their British counterparts need to hit 800,000 to break the record. The hat deadline is 12 December 2014 so there’s still time to grab a pair of needles and get gartering and ribbing with a vengeance.

Innocent Beginner Pattern

I chose deliberately to tackle the basic, beginner pattern first with the intention of completing a few hats quite swiftly before moving on to the trickier designs. This was made much more rewarding by using a bright mixture yarn that knitted up into several jolly smoothie hats. It felt rather like cheating, as the random colour variations produce a great finished effect without much effort on the knitter’s part. Then I moved on to the intermediate, stripy version of the hat for the last two that I made. If you want to have a go at either of these patterns, just click on the images to view a larger version. I scanned in the knitting pattern leaflet that we acquired a while ago, though you could also search online and find plenty more Innocent design ideas.Innocent Intermediate Pattern

Once I had finished knitting a few pieces, then came the fun of creating some pompoms for the tops. A hat isn’t a hat without a pompom to add a finishing touch. My pompom making technique is a little rough and ready and so some of them are a not as fluffy as others. I discovered that it was actually quite tricky to make a pompom small enough to fit on the hat and yet not too fiddly to work properly. I found a small jar lid to use as a pattern and a marked the centre hole by drawing round a coin (a handy use for the spare change jar!)

Teddy Bear with Hats

A model Bear!

I discovered that it is easy to make the mistake of trimming some longer ends off, and then some more, and then… You get the picture. However, overall I was pleased with my first knitted creations in many years and with my first Big Knit contributions. I wish it hadn’t taken me so long to get around to joining in the knitting activity. Knitting hats for bottles can be a strangely compelling business and I feel sure that I can manage a few more before December.

Here is my collection, ably modelled by a small bear (who would really like to keep all of the hats for himself) before I pack them away.


Any more knitters out there working Innocently away?



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