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The t-shirt collection

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In my chest-of-drawers, there is an entire drawer devoted to t-shirts and it is by far, the most tightly packed drawer of them all. Most of my t-shirts were presents from various people, the majority having come from two of my aunties. The collection is diverse, ranging from two Guggenheim t-shirts, to a Croatian one, to the pride and joy of my collection: a 2012 London Olympics t-shirt.

While at the moment, I am happy just to wear them, I am gradually growing out of some of my t-shirts. However, it seems a pity just to get rid of them when they are too small. What I did do a few years ago, was to make cushions out of two of my t-shirts. Unfortunately, although I love cushions, there is a limit to how many I have space for on my bed!

A while ago, I picked up a bargain sewing book called 101 Ways to Use Your First Sewing Machine by Elizabeth Dubicki. It wasn’t a very good buy, as I found when I looked at the book more carefully. It is written in a very ‘mumsy’ tone and the cover is too pink for my taste. However, it does have one project that interests me: a t-shirt memory quilt.

The quilt consists of six blocks made of the fronts of t-shirts and six blocks of a co-ordinating colour. My t-shirts aren’t large enough to make the 16 inch square blocks that the instructions say to use. However, they are large enough to make 10 inch square blocks. I thought that the plain blocks could be made with fat quarters. That way, you don’t have to buy several large pieces of fabric.

I’m also wondering if it would be possible to adapt the pattern to make a duvet cover, instead of a quilt. That way, I wouldn’t have to buy wadding, which I think is expensive. Also, how do you fit a huge piece of wadding in a shopping bag? Anyway, this project will have to wait for a while, until I have out-grown enough t-shirts to make it!

Have you ever made a quilt? Do share your projects in the comment box…


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