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Innocent Big Knit

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Now I know it’s a bit early in the year to blog about the Innocent Big Knit but the earlier you start, the more you can knit! This is the first year we’ve actually knitted for the Innocent Big Knit despite discovering it several years ago. The Innocent Big Knit raises money for a charity called Age Action. Age Action is a charity promoting positive ageing and better services for older people. S0, how does it work? Everyone is invited to knit or crochet as many mini hats as possible and to send them to Innocent before the deadline (October). Innocent put your mini hats on their bottles of smoothies, which are then sold in shops. For every hatted bottle sold, Innocent will donate 30c to Age Action. The target this year is 65,000 hats. As you can see, the more hats, the more money raised. When you have made a hat, send it to:

The Big Knit,                                                                                                                             Fruit Towers,                                                                                                                              342 Ladbroke Grove,                                                                                                            W10 5BU

Include a note with your name, address and how many hats you are sending.

Innocent Big Knit hats

A model displays the hat collection

Your knitted hats can be very simple or very complicated, depending on your skill. Innocent have two pages of patterns, which range from the simple stripey to the tricky bunch of grapes. I have made four hats so far, all complete with pom-poms. Personally, I think that making the pom-poms is the best thing about making mini hats! I have made three plain ones, but two are in multi-coloured wool, a blue mix and a rainbow mix. There is a plain black one and a green and purple striped. The simplest pattern runs like this:

1. Cast on 28 stitches with small needles (between 3.25mm and 4mm worked best for me)

2. Knit two rows. Starting with a knit row, do 12 rows of stocking stitch.

3. Next row, knit two together (14 stitches). Then purl two together (7 stitches)

4. Pull wool through last stitches, leaving a long tail. Sew up from top to bottom.

That’s the basic pattern, you can easily adapt it to make a striped pattern with thick stripes or thin as you please. The link should take you to some of Innocent’s other patterns. There are quite a few harder ones, but remember that the simple ones raise just as much money. By the way, as you can see from the photograph, these hats are a perfect size for small teddy bears, who would make great models for your mini hats!

So, what are you waiting for? Become a mini woolly milliner today…


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  1. I do this every year and it’s a great for 3 reasons 1) perfect for knit group as I don’t have to think to make the hats and hence can chatter more 2) using up the ends of balls of yarn and 3) good cause. I hope you have lots of fun taking part.


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