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Sorting Out My Recipe Drawer

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As the first post on Curiously, Creatively I’m going to talk about an activity that happens in our kitchen at occasional intervals. This activity is known as ‘sorting out the recipe drawer’ and it has often occupied a good couple of hours. It is a very enjoyable kind of kitchen activity, but whether it achieves any good in the end is open to question. Bear in mind that the sum total achieved by the exercise is to have taken things out of a drawer and then to have put most of them back in again. Tidily, of course. This peaceful sorting of recipes may be accompanied by suitable homemade refreshments!

Recipe Drawer

Lots of Recipes

In the recipe drawer sits a ring binder of recipes, hints, tips etc. culled from various magazines and Sunday newspaper supplements over the past few years  The folder has now become very full indeed; additionally there are booklets and ‘pull-outs’ that don’t fit in to it and just live in the bottom of the drawer. Every so often, a new recipe or culinary feature catches our eye and a new item lands in the recipe trove. When we reach a certain point where there are more loose sheets lying on top of the folder than actually filed away within it, then we know it’s time to act (decisively of course).

You can see the root of the problem can’t you? Every Saturday and Sunday those obliging food magazine writers dash off new or revised recipes (sometimes having a book to promote) and temptation strikes us yet again. Thank you Domini Kemp, Ottolenghi, Nigel Slater et al. We did have a moratorium on recipe collecting until we had the drawer sorted (again) and we had actually tried out a few more recipes. I can’t recall exactly when this moratorium was decreed but I do know that we had one. It just didn’t work out very well, with the result that yesterday was yet again spent recipe cutting out and sorting. We are obviously not taking our recipe collection seriously enough and simply falling into the trap of cooking a regular repertoire and little else. We need a cooking plan of some sort. Meanwhile, drawer tidying…

Open ring binder recipe folder

Very Organised!

At this stage, I can safely declare that both drawer and folder look very neat and tidy and ready for any amount of culinary action in the future. But just how much are we going to end up making and baking I wonder? Curiously Creatively hopes to chart the fruits of our labours (with a few more activities besides as we’ve explained in the Introduction) as we endeavour to cook our way through the recipes now tucked away in the folder. The upcoming school holidays should provide more opportunity for experimentation than usually allowed by the term time routine. What with cooking and doing a little gentle furniture renovation then we are in line for a busy summer!

Call back soon to see how we’re getting on with our many projects, culinary and otherwise. I may even have tidied the recipe drawer and put a few recipes to the test!


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