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We have designed Curiously, Creatively to be the record of all of our varied attempts (both successful and otherwise) at a plethora of creative activities. Between the two of us, we have essayed preserve making, baking, card making, knitting, gardening, painting furniture and a few other things besides. In addition to the creative activities that are successful, we hereby promise to tell you about the things that don’t work out well. That seems only fair. Some of the activities described, are things that we are not particularly expert at doing, but we hope to share our enthusiasm for simply having a go. Our Curiosity extends to going ‘out and about’ visiting gardens, houses, exhibitions, craft fairs and the like. Sometimes we may just go for a walk (on an expotition as Pooh would have said). The various photographs of our endeavours have been taken by one or other of us, unless a photo credit says otherwise.    

But who is this creative (and curious) duo? You will get to know us better as we go along, so we’ll just introduce ourselves briefly for now:

Chris: has been blogging about books, her TBR Pile and other cultural stuff at Tales From the Landing Book Shelves since 2012. She hasn’t yet run out of books to read (in fact there are more than ever). The idea for this craft themed blog came about because posts about gardening and elderflower cordial had begun to creep into the literary domain. As there were already enough digressions on various topics it seemed a good idea to stop the rot getting any worse. Hence the idea of Curiously Creatively was mooted. If you are a reader of the Landing Book Shelves you will already be familiar with He Who Put The Shelves Up and The Bookworm (who introduces herself below).

Verity: (The Bookworm) blogs about sexist issues and women’s rights on Stand Strong Girls which is five years old now. She likes to experiment with all kinds of crafting, sometimes with mixed results! Verity is particularly into knitting and miniatures. She is also a keen gardener and sampler of cakes. Verity is also a dab hand at model aircraft kits. This blog is a perfect place for blogging about crafty things, so that Stand Strong Girls can stay focused on its main topic.

So let’s get Curious and Creative….and see what happens….


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  1. Hi there, I was just wondering if you would consider featuring my work on your blog. I make handmade fasinators, earrings, hair pieces out of feathers, watch parts, ribbons, gemstones and other quirky materials and I’m based in Co. Waterford Ireland. Here is a link to my etsy shop and please feel free to message me if you have any questions or comments in this regard.
    Many thanks,



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